Forza 500VA 6 Outlets UPS
Specifications  Capacity: 500VA/250W Topology: Interactive Waveform: Simulated sine wave Voltage: 120V Type of input: NEMA 5-15P Type of output: 6 x NEMA 5-15R Visual indicator: LED status light
APC 425VA 6 outlet Back-UPS Surge Protector
Specifications 425VA / 225W Backup Battery power supply 6 Outlets (NEMA 5-15R): 4 UPS Battery Backup with Surge Protection Outlets, and 2 Surge Protector Only Outlets 5' Power Cord, right-angle 3-prong wall plug (NEMA 5-15P). Wall mountable During a power...
Forza 750VA UPS Battery Backup
UPS-Uninterruptible Power Supply-750VA 375W -6 outlets of protection & phone, fax protection Protection Level 5- Breaker, Surge protection, Voltage protection, Voltage regulator, Power Backup 5 outlets with Surge protection, battery back up and voltage regulation. 1 outlets Surge-only prot Recharge...
APC Back-UPS BE600M1, 600VA, 120V, 1 USB charging port
Output power capacity 330 Watts / 600VA Output Connections (2) NEMA 5-15R (Surge Protection) (5) NEMA 5-15R (Battery Backup) Nominal Output Voltage 120V Nominal Input Voltage 120V Input Connections NEMA 5-15P Cord Length 4.99ft (1.5meters)
APC Back-UPS 1200VA 120V AVR BX1200M-LM
The APC 1200VA Back-UPS BX1200M-LM Experience reliable power protection with the APC Back-UPS 1200VA 120V AVR. This uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed to safeguard your valuable electronics and provide backup power during outages. Whether you're at home or in...
UPS Topology: Line Interactive Output power capacity (VA): 0.9 kVA Output power: 480W Waveform: Sine Operating input voltage (min): 89 V Operating input voltage (max): 145 V Input Frequency: 50/60Hz Output frequency: 50/60Hz Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Yes Yes Energy...
APC BV800 UPS 800VA 120V 450 Watts 6 Outlets
Best value UPS, battery backup and surge protection for electronics and IT , Automatic Voltage RegulationIncreases low voltage and reduces high voltage automatically to levels that are convenient for your equipment. Specifications: Output Output power capacity: 450Watts / 800VA Max Configurable Power (Watts):...
APC Back-UPS BR1500M2-LM
Audible alarms Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions Automatic self-test Periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced. Battery backup and surge protection Outlets provide abundant runtime for network gateway...
APC 850VA Backup UPS
850VA / 510W battery backup power supply 8 Outlets (NEMA 5-15R): 4 surge protector with battery backup; 4 outlets with Surge Protection Only Boost Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): instantly corrects low/high voltage fluctuations without discharging the battery, and is Active...
Forza 1500VA/900W Smart UPS
1500VA / 900W 10 fully protected outlets Pure sine wave output Ideal for Gamers and APFC (Active Power Factor Correction) power supplies 2 USB 2.1A protected charging ports USB communication port with ForzaTracker monitoring software Network/phone protection Coaxial protection Easily...
Strom 750VA Back-Up UPS
Number of Outlets: 8 Outlet Size: 750VA
APC 120V 8 outlet Back-Ups
Input Voltage 120V Frequency 50/60Hz Plug Style NEMA 5-15P
Newell 1000VA Back-Up UPS
The Newell Thor U1000 UPS will help protect your electronic equipment from damage that can be caused by a sudden power cut in your home or workplace. Do you happen to have power outages in your neighborhood for no reason?...
APC 1000VA 8 Outlet Back-UPS
Output power capacity 600 Watts / 1.0kVA Output Connections (4) NEMA 5-15R (Surge Protection) (4) NEMA 5-15R (Battery Backup) Nominal Output Voltage 120V
APC Smart-UPS SRT Tower Isolation/Step-Down Transformer
Output Nominal Output Voltage: 120V , 208V Other Output Voltages: 240 Always on Outlets: 12 Maximum Total Current Draw: 5000 Output Connections (8) NEMA 5-20R (Battery Backup) (2) NEMA L6-20R (Battery Backup) (1) NEMA L6-30R (Battery Backup) (1) NEMA L14-30R...
APC 1350VA Backup UPS
Specifications Electrical output capacity: 810 Watts / 1.35kVA Outbound connections:(5) NEMA 5-15R (Surge Protection), (5) NEMA 5-15R (Battery Backup) Rated output voltage: 120V
APC 1000VA Backup UPS
(6) NEMA 5-15R (Battery Backup) Cord Length: 1.2meters Battery Backup & Surge Protector for Electronics and Computers
Forza 2200VA Smart UPS
LCD displays real time status information Easy to read LCD visual display with bright blue back light Power protection for home and oce equipment Boost & buck AVR to stabilize voltage 8 outlets – w/surge protection, battery back up, AVR...
APC 850VA Back-UPS
Max Configurable Power (Watts) 450 Watts / 850VA Output Frequency (sync to mains) 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz Sync to mains Topology Standby Waveform type Stepped approximation to a sinewave Transfer Time 6 ms typical : 10 ms maximum
APC Back UPS Pro BX1500M, Compact Tower, 1500VA, AVR, LCD, 120V
Output power capacity 900 Watts / 1.5kVA Output Connections (5) NEMA 5-15R (Surge Protection) (5) NEMA 5-15R (Battery Backup) Nominal Output Voltage 120V Nominal Input Voltage 120V Input Connections NEMA 5-15P Cord Length 6ft (1.8meters) Maximum Input Current 12.0A
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