Targus 17" Lap Chill Mat
Work comfortably anywhere with a laptop cooling mat that features a ventilated design plus two built-in fans for optimal air flow. FEATURES Protects lap or work surface from heat Dual fans help disperse laptop heat from improved functionality; extends the...
Argom notebook cooling pad
Description Notebook Base cooling pad that provides total cooling air circulation around your laptop. With a modern design, it offers ergonomic positioning for comfort when using your notebook. It works by connecting to any USB port. Increase the life of...
Targus - 17" Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat Cooling System
The 17" Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat™ provides a comfortable and ergonomic work surface to keep you and your laptop cool. The chill mat rests on your lap and disperses heat, using dual fans to provide ventilation which can be...
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