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GS-COM donates Computer System to the Police Dept.

I must say thanks to Mr. Sosa and his company for this very wonderful donation. I must say it will go a long way in our effort to fight against crime in Eastern Division. Read More

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GS-COM donate computer to the Police Dept.

Business Community Donates Motorbike & Computer to Police
posted (August 14, 2007)

In a recent release, Home Affairs Minister Ralph Fonseca was described as “working hard to provide the police with the necessary resources to fight crime.” When a man who cashed in thousands of mortgages for hundreds of millions in securitization receipts is working hard to provide resources, the Police Department shouldn’t have a thing to worry about. But they do, and that’s why Eastern Division Deputy Commander Chester Williams was happy to receive donations over the past two days. Yesterday it was a computer and today it was a motorcycle. 7NEWS was there for both handshakes.

Keith Swift Reporting,
Yesterday GS COM’s George Sosa delivered this computer to the number 2 man at Eastern Division - Senior Superintendent Chester Williams. It isn’t a super computer but Williams say it’ll do super things for his department.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, Eastern Division Deputy
“I must say thanks to Mr. Sosa and his company for this very wonderful donation. I must say it will go a long way in our effort to fight against crime in Eastern Division. The computer will be used at the Patrol Branch section of the division and we are trying to implement many new systems in coming up
with different strategies to fight crime. One of the main things we are looking at is the stop and search forms initiative and this computer will be used to collect data in relation to the work being done by the patrol section within the division. So it will enhance our performance in terms of the fight against crime very very significantly.”

This morning the PD was once again at the receiving end. Evelyn Deeks from the Fort Street Tourism Village handed over the keys to this Meilum brand motorbike.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams,
“This donation will be used vwey effectively at the Prosecution Branch section of the division. Over the past few months we have been difficulties serving summons to persons who are needed to go and attend court on a daily basis and this cycle, a 125 cc, will enhance that process. The process servers at the branch will now be able to maneuver through the little alleys of the city, finding those persons who they need to find and have the summons served upon them so that they could appear in court.”

One of those of process servers – as they are called - is Constable Glen Arzu. For him it is a major upgrade since he used to maneuver through those alleys on a bicycle.

PC Constable Glen Arzu, Prosecution Branch
“As you know we were using bicycles for quite a number of years now. We are going to serve summons in Belize City actually, basically to serve summons. The distant, like going to Belama and Faber’s Road and those places, it was too far for us to go and the motorbike will be handy for us to go to those distances.”

Both George Sosa from GS COM and Evelyn Deeks from the Tourism Village say the donations are their small contribution to the fight against crime.

George Sosa, GS COM
“We believe that indeed working along with the police, it is very important to keep the level of crime down and to assist in anyway we can to ensure that the police are adequately equipped in every way possible.”

Evelyn Deeks, Fort Street Tourism Village
“With the high rise in crimes these days, not only does Fort Street Tourism Village is coming forward to assist the Police Department but I think we as a community need to come out and support and assist the Police Department.”

The computer is valued at just over $1,800 and so is the cycle.

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