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"Epson Ink Tank System Printers - Ultra-Low-Cost Printing "

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Online Sales

1.    1    A sale may be cancelled shall:

a.  A wrong shipping address is entered and the item cannot be delivered.
b. The destination address is outside Belize.
c.  No payment (Bank transfer option) is done after three days since the order has been placed online.
d. Customer agree to pickup and pay for order, but did not do so after five working days.
e. The item, for some reason, is no longer available.

2.       Cancel an order you made within the last hour - If you made your purchase within the last hour, you can ask GS-COM to cancel your order as long as it hasn’t been sent as yet.

3.       Cancel an order you made more than an hour ago - If it’s been more than an hour since your purchase, you need to contact GS-COM and ask them to cancel your order. If the order has been sent, then you will need to request a Return.

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