KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

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  • The KScat Open ear wireless headphone is a premium quality gadget which combines the convenience, reliability, and performance of Bluetooth wireless connectivity with the comfort and safety of open ear bone conduction technology to provide you with an entirely new way to stay connected. 
  • Innovative bone conduction technology. Listen to music without ears. Protect your hearing. Be aware of the surroundings while enjoying music outdoor
  • Professional IPX6 waterproof. No worry of damage with sweat or even in heavy rain. Ergonomic design for comfortable wearing
  • Made of memory titanium. Keeps the headphones intact. No more disturbing wires
  • Top grade CSR8635 chip and apt-X decoding that ensures excellent sound quality of music and phone calls
  • Comfortable and hygienic as there is no risk of bacteria or ear infections. Also eliminates the risk of ear and headaches that is sometimes caused by traditional headphones



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